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Candy Art Hawaii introduced the traditional Japanese performance art of amezaiku (candy art) to Hawaii. We would now like to help spread a new Japanese art called DECO clay art. Simply Ai Candy is an extension of Candy Art Hawaii, utilizing both DECO clay and candy art to produce custom handmade bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, candy favors, and more, for weddings or any other special occasion.

Candy Art

Simply Ai Candy brings the expertise of Candy Art Hawaii to make custom handmade candy favors. Simply Ai Candy goes beyond the designs of amezaiku because premade favors do not have to be demonstrated and created in less than 3 minutes live in front of guests. This allows Simply Ai Candy to produce very intricate floral candy art designs such as roses, sakura, plum blossoms, calla lilies, orchids, and more.

Clay Art

Simply Ai Candy's artist, Chika, is a certified DECO clay instructor who trained under master instructor Yukiko Miyai at the DECO Clay Craft Academy in Hawaii. DECO clay is a lightweight, air-dried clay that allows the creation of very realistic and durable, yet delicate and somewhat flexible, petals. Petals are not hard or brittle. Each petal is made meticulously one by one with 'ai' (愛=love). The end result are very lifelike and beautiful florals.

Clay flowers are perfect for keepsake bouquets. Our interest in this art originates from our own wedding. Our wedding theme was sakura (cherry blossoms) which is seasonal and difficult to get in Hawaii. We spent much money on a beautiful bouquet and other sakura arrangements for our wedding. While we have memorable photographs of our fresh florals, we do not have any floral keepsakes. In addition, the fresh sakura was a little past its full bloom with more leaves than pink petals. Had we known about clay flowers, not only would we have perfect, stunningly beautiful florals for our wedding day, but we would still have those florals now as keepsakes.

Beyond keepsakes, clay flowers can be customized to match any color and to have out of season flowers (like sakura) for any time of the year. Clay flowers will have that forever fresh look, even under the hottest midday sun that may wilt fresh flowers. For anyone allergic to flowers, clay flowers are the perfect alternative. Clay flowers can be shipped by mail or carried with you on an airplane making it perfect for destination weddings.

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For inquiries, please provide the following information:

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☆Type of Event (Wedding, Prom, etc)

For clay flowers, please let us know what you are interested in (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair accessories, arrangements, etc.), and the type of flowers that you desire. Also, please let us know any themes or color schemes for your event. If there are any pictures that you have collected that express your desires, please feel free to send them to us.

For (edible) candy favors, please let us know what designs you are interested in. For wedding favors, most brides tend to choose their wedding flower, but we can work with you if you have any other ideas. We always try to customize our favors to your desires. Also, please let us know approximately how many favors you wish to order.

If you are interested in amezaiku, the performance / demonstration side of our company, where one can see the candy art made live in front of one's eyes, please go to our amezaiku homepage:

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